Mobile Radio 2013

Mobile Art Spaces

Mobile Arts Spaces is a series of portable, participatory arts residencies for communities   Six arts residencies led by professional artists activate opportunities for connection and community engagement through a variety of artforms - visual arts, craft, environmental projects, performances, radio, community-curated film projects.

Mobile Arts Spaces bring together local artists and community members of all ages to create artworks for local festivals. We work in schools, community and arts centres, sports centres, council groups and faith-based centres - wherever people gather. Communities are invited to choose arts residencies that fit their budget and interests. We also run a mentor scheme for locals passionate about the arts.

MOBILE RADIO A portable radio station facilitated by sound artists. Participants create original audio works for their local festival via conversations, workshops, recordings, training in sound editing, mobile phone radio technologies and hosting.  

ART TRUCK A delivery truck is a portable, transformable and versatile participatory platform for staging concerts, choral works, screening films, mounted exhibition and performances of plays.  

FLASHPOINT is a portable bus workshop residency model for schools facilitated by MASSIVE FAM, Australia's first hip hop choir featuring young urban artists. Street performance and original songs are created for community gatherings.

MOBILE GARDEN Curated by an environmental landscape artist, small corners of public space are turned into whatever the community can imagine e.g. culturally specific plantings, seating, craft, woodwork and crops.

MOV'N'MOTION A 5-10 day street art project based in schools explores street art, stencils, paste-ups, dance and poetry writing with three artists.

ROADSIDE HAIKU  A series of 'haikus' developed with communities via an open callout, are displayed on LED road signs.

Mobile Art Spaces at Trugfest, October 2015

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